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Working With Us

Why work with us? First, we, as a practice do not want you to work for us. We want you to work for you! Working together means that as a provider we, Mental Wellness Centers of Oklahoma, want to empower you to run your own practice. This will be true if you’re working within our framework (more on this below) or working to build your own independent practice.

First, we strive for perfect transparency; every provider has access to the employment contracts used for every other provider. The revenue sharing percentages are very simple and each an every provider is on one of these contracts:


The provider is paid 75% of the revenue for all billable and collected services. MWCOK retains 25% of the revenue to cover operating costs. MWCOK provides assistance with billing issues only. The provider is responsible for all referrals, and any business expenses not specifically paid by MWCOK.

MWCOK will provide EHR software for the provider to use. The license for the provider will enable all functions of the EHR software the agency uses, This includes scheduling, intake, notes and billing functions.

MWCOK will provide a national toll free phone number for clients to call in for services. Each provider will have an individual extension for messages.

MWCOK may, as directed by the provider, offer case management or other services as the client may need.

MWCOK will not provide office space, marketing materials, or access to agency generated referrals.

The 75/25 contract is ideal for experienced providers who feel mostly ready to operate their own practice and want to have a transition from working for an agency to working for themselves. Refer to the resources section of this page following the descriptions of our contractual relationships.


Similar to the 75/25 option above, this option includes all services listed above and includes these additional services:

MWCOK will provide marketing materials to the provider

MWCOK will provide referrals to the provider from local and national advertising sources as well as community engagement efforts.

MWCOK will provide a live telephone receptionist during business hours. The receptionist will be able to take messages, cancel or move appointments as requested by the client (based on provider availability and any rules the provider may have for scheduling).

MWCOK will provide assistance with billing issues as needed.

MWCOK will provide functionality to accept credit card payments for co-pays or services.

There will be a few more options coming in the near future including options for Candidates, and Salary options.

Transparency is not limited to having a clear understanding of how you get paid, it also means transparency in how long it takes to get paid. Understanding how your lag period from note entry to payment to the provider is important to help providers manage their personal finances. Each provider has access to an aging report showing every billable service, from every provider in the practice. You can see how long it is taking for your services to be billed, remitted and paid to you 24/7. You can compare how your timing compares to others. For 75/25 providers; MWCOK will help you interpret the data if needed as well as correct issues found. Each provider has the choice to be included in the agency aging reports (your name is not on the reports, just a unique identifier for each provider), by default you will be included. If you choose to not be included, you will get an aging report for your activities only and the rest of the agency providers will not see your billing actives in detail. Your activities will be included in metrics used by all.

Transparency includes how the agency is run. What tools we use, how we use them, why they were selected. Why does this matter? One of our key goals in this agency is empowering providers. When, or if, any provider is ready to have their own agency, MWCOK is here to support you. We want you to take with you all of your clients who wish to go with you; this should be an easy, open discussion. MWCOK will provide copies of all documents and forms we use in the agency (they will have our branding removed so they are ready for you to use). MWCOK will provide a list a of resources, checklists to follow, essentially everything you should need to start your own practice. MWCOK will also provide two hours of consulting to help any provider after one year of service to navigate the business start up process.

We look forward to working with you.

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